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Astrology - What you should know

Astrology involves science (the map of the planets at the time and place of your birth) and art (interpreting what these placements mean). Each section of interpretation refers to an individual position in your chart. All of these astrological points are some of the "parts" that make up a "whole"—you. An astrological chart cast for the time and place of your birth describes your basic motivations, perceptions, inclinations, and character from a number of different perspectives. Your urges and drives as well as your motivations will be brought into sharper focus. Some of these interpretations will be contradictory, just as individuals are contradictory. A person can be downright timid in love while that same person can be aggressive in business. Not only that, we evolve and grow throughout our lives, facing challenges that help us to handle our planetary positions and aspects in a different way. We all have choices, and one of the largest benefits of astrology is the ability to understand ourselves better. By raising your aims and expectations you can obtain a deeper understanding of yourself and thereby resolve your inner conflicts and contradictions in the most positive way.


Astrology doesn’t cause anything to happen any more than a map causes the road conditions or a mirror causes your appearance. Your natal chart merely shows potentials and possibilities. Your free will is paramount and will always take precedence. Each factor shown in your chart can be expressed by you in a variety of ways. They are also often quite unconscious. Your natal chart will show tendencies within yourself. It will help you to understand the why. What you make of that is always up to you.