My Astrology Consultation Ethics

The following points are used as guidelines only - each consultation is treated individually.


  • All consultations are completely confidential - none of your personal information will be shared with anyone else.

  • All consultations are done personally by me. They are never computer generated.


  • I will not knowingly consult for anyone under the age of 16 without consent of a parent or guardian.


  • I am not a doctor, lawyer, or accountant.  I will not give medical, legal, or financial advice as I am not qualified to do so.


  • A consultation is a conversation - I will explain the energies shown in your chart and discuss with you how they are playing out in your life.


  • I will treat you with respect, sensitivity and compassion.  I will not judge you or your situation.


  • I believe that your chart shows potentials and possibilities - how those play out is as individual as you are.  Any decisions that you choose to make based on the consultation are your responsibility.


  • I reserve the right to refuse a consultation if I feel it is necessary.